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Management of mangrove forests
from Senegal to Benin

"PAPBio C1-Mangroves"

The project aims to achieve integrated protection of biodiversity and fragile mangrove ecosystems in West Africa and their enhanced resilience to climatic changes.

With the support of European Union

As part of the implementation of the Regional Indicative Program (RIP) of the European Union in West Africa 2014–2020 (11th European Development Fund), in Priority Area 3: Resilience, food and nutritional security and natural resources, in consultation with ECOWAS and UEMOA, the Support Program for the Preservation of Biodiversity and Fragile Ecosystems, Environmental Governance and Climate Change in West Africa - PAPBio (ROC / FED / 039-269).

Component 2 of PAPBio - Management of mangrove forests from Senegal to Benin - PAPBio C1-Mangroves - aims to achieve integrated protection of the diversity and fragile ecosystems of the mangrove in 9 West African countries and better resilience to climate change.

More specifically, the project will strengthen stakeholders in the management of protected areas and unprotected mangrove sites. The objective is to link governance and production systems to mangrove conservation structures at the territorial level.

As part of its implementation, the PAPBio C1-Mangroves project has set up a grant mechanism to support local initiatives for biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources at the landscape level. The objective is to set up a subsidy fund to support concrete initiatives at the landscape level. Four landscapes make up the geographical distribution of the project:

  • Grand Saloum: Saloum (Senegal), Gambia;
  • Rios do Sul: Casamance (Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Guinea);
  • Grand Mano (Sierra Leone, Liberia);
  • Mono Volta (Benin, Togo, Ghana).

The grants will specifically target local actions for biodiversity conservation, monitoring, resource development, training and the creation of new protected areas with a view to effectively contributing to both the resilience of mangrove ecosystems and the well- be social and economic communities by strengthening activities.

This internet portal will allow applicants wishing to submit an application with the aim of obtaining a grant under the PAPBio C1-Mangroves project of the European Union (EU).

A full description of this project is available on the 'Project' page.

Candidates are invited to go to the 'Candidate' page to register and submit a file, taking care that it is as complete as possible.

We invite you to read the 'Guidelines' document which you can download here in PDF format in order to prepare your application file as well as possible. You will find in the Annex of this document the precise areas and themes for this call for proposals.
Finally, the 'Frequently Asked Questions' page should provide you with answers to all the questions you may have.
No proposals will be accepted outside the areas and themes described in the annex of the guidelines.
The deadline for submitting applications is set for January 17th, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
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